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Bmarine mainly offers gently used motorboats and sloops. Some of these motorboats and sloops stand out above the rest and we issue these with our Top Line quality mark. These are motorboats & sloops which satisfy particular criteria that are important to you. If you find a motorboat or sloop with the Top Line quality mark, you can be sure that you'll be able to sail carefree the following season.

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The sloops and motorboats with the Top Line quality mark are in a nearly new condition. This means that the sloop or motorboat shows virtually no sign of use and that it sails like new. We know for sure that the sloop or motorboat has been used for fewer than 400 hours.


We give a three-month warranty on the boat, on the engine and power train from the date of purchase. This is good to fall back should you need to have something checked during this period.


Before we put the boat on sale we check it on a number of critical points. This means that we do an overall visual check of the sloop or motorboat and test its functionalities including the operation, lights, equipment, etc.


We will supply you with a comprehensive delivery package to ensure that you can enjoy your purchase immediately. This comprehensive package comprises:

  • New fenders
  • New mooring lines
  • New flag of your choice
  • New anchor with rope
  • New name stickers
  • A interior cleaning set

To safeguard the life and safety of the motor, we also ensure that the motor is serviced. This consists of new fuel filters, new oil filters, fresh motor oil, and more.

Have you seen a sloop or motorboat with the Top Line quality mark? Then you can be sure that it's all good!