Passion for boats

And this is why there's nowhere on earth more beautiful than the water.

The team

Our service is based on our passion for boats and our expertise and customer focus, so that you can go out on the water carefree.


Lotte van den Berg

Financial and personnel administration

My name is Lotte van den Berg. I'm Bart's wife and I've been working at Bmarine since March 2014. After our second child was born, I started working at Bmarine. I am responsible for financial and personnel administration. I am also involved with various marketing activities and organising events for Bmarine.

Work activities
My work activities are very varied and that's something I really like about my job. From personnel administration, through putting the monthly figures together and analysing them with the management, to organising various events throughout the year.

I previously worked in the recreational sector and I really enjoyed that too. It's so nice to work in an environment where customers are busy with their leisure activities! And on top of that, my office has a beautiful view over the water. I also enjoy spending time on the water with our family, because a few hours spent sailing feels like I've been away for a few days. Total relaxation.

Sloepenmarkt's 10th anniversary
In 2017, Sloepenmarkt – nowadays Bmarine – had already been in existence for 10 years. We had a big celebration with our customers and suppliers during our Spring Event. I put a lot of time into getting this event off the ground. From a food truck, through nice music and a great interview with father Henk and son Bart van den Berg who talked proudly about their 10 years at the Sloepenmarkt. I still get goose bumps when I think about it! I am proud to work for such a great business!


Berend van der Molen

Sales advisor

My name is Berend van der Molen. In February 2015, I started in the workshop getting sloops and motorboats ready for sale so they could be put on display in the showroom at their best. In addition to my activities in the workshop, I was kept busy in the autumn taking boats out of the water, hosing them down and putting them into winter storage. In the spring, I'd get the boats ready to be put back into the water again. Since 2016, I’ve been part of the sales team where I support Bart and Sybren with sales. I also continue to be involved in the spring and autumn with the winter storage of our clients' boats.

A really great and varied job
The variety of activities and the combination of working in sales with customer contact, work at the marina and in the winter storage make this a really great job for me. Working at a nice professional workplace with a group of dedicated colleagues rounds it all off.

You can also find me happily on the water as a crew member in a skûtsje competition or during holidays or weekends away by boat.

The times when clients come and pick up their boats are always great.
I continue to find it wonderful to observe the process of how boats arrive here by purchase, trade-in or brokerage and are then prepared in the workshop. By the time we display them in the showroom, they are once again as good as new. And then, after going out on a trial run, they get a new owner.


Bart van den Berg


My name is Bart van den Berg and I'm a founder and owner of Bmarine together with my father Henk. My daily work is managing the organisation and I also do some of the sales.

Amazing to be involved with boats all day
I find customer contact really great and inspiring! Additionally, it's amazing to be involved with boats all day, of course. I also love going out on the water in a sloop or sailing boat in a private capacity.

Happy and proud every single day
I feel happy and proud every day when I drive over to our amazing company. The greatest compliment I can get is when clients return to us again after selling their boat. That means that we performed well during the earlier sale or brokerage of their boat and that they are happy to return.


Sybren Wynia

Sales advisor

My name is Sybren Wynia and I'm a sales advisor at Bmarine alongside Bart and Berend. I really enjoy helping people hunt for their dream boat. I also love going out on the water; on a boat in the summer and on ice hockey skates in the winter.


Reinskje Kalsbeek



I take care of administration at Bmarine. From purchase invoices, through bank transactions to sales invoices. I also take care of the financial settlement of the brokerage boats sold.

In my free time, I like gardening and I go to concerts with friends from time to time.


Marco Fischer

All-round mechanic

My name is Marco Fisher and I am an all-round mechanic at Bmarine. In my spare time, I like to tinker with motorcycles and mopeds. This knowledge comes in handy when it comes to boat maintenance. As well as mechanical stuff, I also like going out with friends.

Work activities

My work activities at Bmarine are really varied. Every day is different. In the workshop, I make sure that the motorboats and sloops look amazing again. These can be boats for clients or boats for the showroom. My goal is to make the boats like new.


Marten Wynia



Racing bikes / sailing / cheerful and sympathetic / a real Frisian


Henk van den Berg

Passionate advisor

I am Henk van den Berg and I'm a founder and owner of Bmarine together with my son Bart. We started Bmarine in 2006. At the time, we did everything necessary to make Bmarine a success. Over the years, we have hired skilled people to take on some of the work. Meanwhile, I turned 65 and still work three days at Bmarine. I am jointly responsible for strategy and policy. My day-to-day work consists primarily of valuations and purchasing motorboats. I combine this with making and maintaining business relationships.

Enormously proud of my son and all our employees
My current work fits seamlessly with my experience and ambitions of positioning Bmarine even better and more strongly in the water sports industry. Of course, I'm enormously proud of my son all our employees at Bmarine. A very dedicated and united "crew" which will allow Bmarine to develop further.

Being able to share all the experience of my working life with my son in such a smooth and natural way is the crown jewel of my working life. There's no anecdote to beat its intrinsic value!


Jeroen Westra

Workshop employee



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